Are The Vaccines Actually Promoting COVID Cases?

The mRNA technology of delivering the COVID-19 vaccines in both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were tried (tested) on humans for the first time with the COVD-19 vaccines.

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We have no studies, at least not ones that are made available for the wider public, on what this kind of vaccines actually do to anyone long-term and especially what they will do to people who keep taking them over and over again.

But considering that there are no decreases in COVID cases, we certainly must start asking – what if the vaccines are actually made to promote the spread of the virus itself?

Most recent COVID cases are due to breakthrough infections.

Doesn’t anyone find that to be a little odd? Doesn’t anyone have any sort of curiosity about this?

“There are very few people talking about the increased number of reported infections after the vaccines, however, I did find a report about an interview in a French documentary “Hold-Up” with Fresh virologist, Luc Montagnier, who got a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2008 for discovering HIV,” LifeZette reported.

“In the interview, Montagnier claims that the COVID-19 vaccines are creating new variants in different parts of the world.”

He thinks the ongoing vaccinations everywhere are an “enormous mistake.”

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