AOC’s FILTHY Mask Has Everyone Debating the “Science” Again

Though not a very fresh image – it’s surely making its comeback in rounds of Internet popularity once more.

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This photo of AOC shows her with her mask off, draped on her ear, and the inside of her cloth mask is caked with makeup, sweat, and likely piles and piles of dirt and bacteria.

Let’s discuss the actual real aspect of masks – how dirty they are and how much they’ve contributed to pollute and harm our health, instead of making it better.

Doctors say after each wear, bacteria from even a healthy wearer’s own respiratory droplets collect on the inside of a mask and could contain dangerous airborne pathogens.

Even more, many users choose to reuse the same mask for multiple days without properly sanitizing the cloth. Doctors say fungus and bacteria collect quickly and coat and cake the inside and outside of the mask.

So, basically, unless you’re washing the mask after every single use, you’re breathing in filthy bacteria, fungus, and makeup chemicals all day long.

The cloth mask idea was probably one of the dumbest and most unhealthy things the government has ever pushed on us. The paper masks too because a flimsy piece of “beefed up toilet paper” isn’t stopping anything “deadly,” and many people keep re-wearing those, too.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Omg how can you put something like that over your face I had to start brushing my teeth more everyday because I couldn’t stand my breath through the mask”

“People are defending her saying, ‘that’s just makeup…’ No, that’s filth.”

“with all that makeup you gotta wonder if she’s white pretending to be latina”

“Surprised the chin diaper isn’t full from all the sh*t she talks.”

“Could start a Revlon factory with that mask”

“Yes, because it’s so healthy to sit around breathing in makeup chemicals all day long”

“The makeup you can see, but for the bacteria on there you’d need a microscope”

“Imagine strapping something that dirty to your face all day long. Unhealthy.”

“It’s a face diaper cuz it catches all the bullsh*t coming out these lunatics mouths”

“Is this SCIENCE?”

“If #AOC can’t keep her masks clean, imagine CHILDREN. Yet CHILDREN are FORCED to wear their masks FOR EIGHT+ HOURS, some TEACHERS have even TAPED them to their FACES.”

“there’s more concealer on her mask than on her face”

“I don’t care if it’s just makeup, it’s unhealthy and gross to have that strapped to your face all day.”

Anything you’d like to add?

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