AOC: Racial Justice Connected Directly to Climate Change

On Earth Day Eve, radical Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) relaunched the Green New Deal by claiming that racial inequality is to blame for climate change.

“The climate crisis is a crisis born of injustice, and it is a crisis born of benefit at any cost to people and the environment,” she said.

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“Which means we need to consider in legislation that the violation of indigenous rights is a cause of climate change, and that the violation of racial justice is a cause of climate change,” she said.

The Congresswoman-turned-Twitter celebrity linked the dots of her conviction. She said that this is because “we are allowing us… to deny themselves equal rights and deny people the right to health care, housing, and education.”

The speech by Ocasio-Cortez was an attempt to relaunch her divisive Green New Deal legislation a day before Earth Day.

According to ABC News, Gina McCarthy, the Biden administration’s climate consultant, “said the US needs to be humble going into this week’s Earth Day summit after four years away from global climate talks when President Donald Trump was in office.”

“There’s no doubt that we’ll have to eat a lot of humble pie when we get back,” she said.

Meanwhile, Joel B. Pollak of Breitbart News discussed the merits of Ocasio-plan. Cortez’s “In a nutshell, the Green New Deal is a text fit for a 19th-century socialist manifesto — or a 21st-century undergraduate thesis.”

Pollak wrote, “It makes statements that are unsupported by empirical evidence; requests every profit imaginable; and has no idea how to create or compensate for any of it.”

“The law fails to address — even once — the historic persecution of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities,” Pollak adds. This is a text that is homophobic and transphobic.”


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