AOC Angry After Hearing This News

As the COVID crisis approaches its one-year mark, Democrats are furious that states are working to reverse the harsh restrictions levied on Americans.

Although the lockdowns and mask bans have shattered spirits and ruined industries, they have provided Democrats with the most raw political influence they have ever had, and they are understandably wary of any return to normalcy.

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That would explain the irrational reaction to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s announcement that the state’s mask ban would be lifted and companies would be allowed to resume full operations.

The return of independence to Texans was swiftly condemned by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In another of her signature hissy fits, AOC erupted on Twitter, claiming that Gov. Abbott was endangering the entire country and accusing him of ignoring science.

“This puts the whole country and beyond in jeopardy. We are in the midst of a pandemic. We know COVID spread isn’t neatly contained by state borders,” screamed the chief of “The Squad,” adding the now-standard fearmongering about “new COVID variants” that could serve as justification for keeping the country shut down indefinitely.

Abbott’s announcement on Tuesday that “Texas is OPEN 100 percent” praised the state’s success in having the most vulnerable seniors vaccinated as a significant move forward.

“Everyone who wants a job should be able to get one,” the governor said. Any company that wishes to be open should do so.”

What AOC fails to mention is that Joe Biden’s open borders strategy, which allows COVID-positive illegal immigrants to enter the country and move freely, poses the greatest danger to the country in terms of virus spread.

“Since January, over 100 migrants released by the US Border Patrol in Texas have tested positive for COVID-19.

At Brownsville’s main bus station, 108 migrants tested positive for the virus, according to city officials. Brownsville is a Texas town along the Mexican border. Since the start of rapid-testing on Jan. 25, this figure reflects 6.3 percent of all migrants who have passed through the station since being released by Border Patrol.

Officials do not have the power to ban migrants from moving anywhere in the country once they are released, according to a city spokesperson, but they are urging them to quarantine and meet CDC guidelines.

According to reports, the White House is aware of cases in which migrants were able to continue traveling after a positive test, stating only that “federal policy encourages them to self-isolate.”

AOC’s lack of indignation over Biden’s “superspreaders” is yet another example of how Democrats have weaponized the COVID crisis for political purposes and used it as a bludgeon against their rivals, following the Rahm Emanuel concept of never letting a successful crisis “go to waste.”

On Wednesday, Biden chastised Governor Abbott for his “Neanderthal thought,” but the first cracks in the dam have emerged, and Texas will soon be joined by other states that oppose the hysteria and failed lockdowns.



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