Anyone Cares About The New Pandemic That’s Already At Our Doors?

This pandemic was created as aresult of something we, people have been doing for the past 80 years!

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No, it’s not the gain of function research. It’s testings with anti biotic and anti microbil resistance, which has led to making such strong patogens that have never appeared in nature before!

“The more we use antibiotics and things like hand sanitizer the more we strengthen the very pathogens we are trying to combat.”

Here’s some very interesting and informative videos on the matter, as well as some reports.

According to the NOQ report,

“Antibiotic resistance (AR) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) took a backseat to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it hasn’t gone away. It remains “one of the biggest public health challenges of our time,” as even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) admits.1

While antibiotic resistance refers to bacteria resistant to antibiotics, antimicrobial resistance is a broader term used to describe resistance to drugs among a variety of microbes, including parasites, viruses and fungi.

AMR has been declared one of the top 10 global public health threats to humanity,3 but it rarely makes front page news, especially now that COVID has entered the arena.

Not only has the COVID-19 pandemic — and its unprecedented promotion of hand sanitizer, antimicrobials and disinfectants — made AMR worse,4 but it continues to overshadow the growing threat of AMR, which will likely surpass the number of COVID-19 deaths by at least threefold — annually — by 2050.”

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