Antifa Set Fire To Portland Court While People Were Inside!!!!

If we are sure of something, then it is that the democrats could burn a building full of people and turn their heads as nothing has happened.

In the summer of 2020, Antifa Rioters attacked the Portland buildings, including the federal courthouse. The media were blind and deaf for this incident. So the social media were here to share this information with the audience.

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Otherwise, the world wouldn’t know what happened.

This violent group also marched on weak and feckless Mayor Ted wheeler’s home. This happened in the same time of 120 consecutive days of unrest. The violent protest didn’t stop there.

Until today Antifa rioters continued to demolish everything in America, and the Biden administration isn’t doing anything.

Thus, we can conclude that Democrats can burn a building and act as nothing happened.

 On Friday morning, all three broadcast networks ignored left-wing Antifa rioters committing violence yet again in Portland, Oregon. After federal officials took down barriers surrounding the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse, put up last July due to nightly attacks on the building, Antifa responded violently on Thursday as they broke windows and set multiple fires to the building while assaulting law enforcement.

Demonstrators apparently carried signs with violent messages such as, “End America,” and yelled “F**k the United States.” According to local news reports, this violence was in support for Black Lives Matter movement as well. But not a peep about the violent attack on a federal building was heard on ABC, NBC or CBS’s morning shows. – From NewsBusters

Have you noticed the Democrat’s silence? It is the party of the White Supremacists. They are the Klan, who hated blacks and attacked the Catholics and Jews.

From then until today, they haven’t changed anything. The hate towards the Catholics and Jews is still here, and even the Jim Crow Laws are their work. Remember that Biden even said that black people don’t know how to use the internet! So racist!

The Democrats and the media that support them call these riots peaceful protests! Can you name a peaceful protest the event on January 6?

One lady died because she was shot by a Capitol Police Officer, which the Dem’s party covers up.
Another police officer died because of the injuries the rioters caused him, and again there is not a guilty person; there isn’t even a suspect. Biden administration doesn’t even care.

Moreover, the Federal Court Building was set to fire with people. As if only the Democratic’ lives matter and the rest of the Americas can die, no one cares!

Precisely this fact is the answer to why the Capitol has fences, and thousands of federal Troops are patrolling around it!

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are Democratic enforcement crews who will betray them!

However, New Attorney General Merrick Garland had to answer if the event on January 6 is a terroristic attack, but his answer is shocking.

During his hearing, General Merrick garland said that it is not a federal crime storming of an empty federal building, but storming the Capitol during the day full of people.

And, now, we have got Antifa’s fire-bombing of the court during daylight with people, and he isn’t doing anything.

We are fed up with people who say they protect America and its citizen, but in fact, they are only protecting themselves.

Why never happens something terrible to them, but only to ordinary people?

We hope that the Supreme Court will find them guilty, and finally, America will be a country where justice is served!

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