ANTIFA Attacks Conservative Demonstrators, Reporters At AL Spa Protest!

ANTIFA members and squads attacked demonstrators and reporters at the protest on Saturday at L.A. spa where previously a man’s genitals were exposed to women and girls.

Antifa appeared at the protest, accusing participants of transphobia for taking issue with the Wi Spa’s refusal to counter-react to the adult who showed his genitals to young girls.

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Then, one of their members hit a man and assaulted a videographer at the Wi Spa demonstration in Koreatown.

“Get the f— out of here! Keep walking!” the black crowd yelled. “No safe spaces for chuds! Get the f— out of the neighborhood!”

The agitators tailed another person recording the event. “Get the camera!” the Antifa activists ordered. “Flank him on the right!” was instructed to coordinate the attack.

“Go home, racist!” one shouted, and another said: “Go home and cry to your wife and kids that don’t love you anymore!”

Later, he was stalked for another block and cut in front of traffic. Then, a police car appeared, spooking the Antifa rioters. “Fall back.” – was the thing they directed to the crowd.

They were throwing water on reporters and stopped him to document the incident.
James Klug, Newsmax’s reporter, was there. He said:

“Nearest police presence is blocks away,”

He later shared more information on his Twitter account.

One sign of a young man was ripped. He brandished pepper spray, and he was tackled to the ground and hit by the mob.

“Peaceful protest” yeah, right.

Antifa members attacked preachers who wanted to attend the protest. The religious protest where we could read “Obey Jesus” and “Ye Must Be Born Again” became a riot. The members of the group returned to confront the stragglers.

“Get out of here, buddy! You don’t belong here!” was shouted by a person in an “A Soldier of the Cross” shirt and was holding a megaphone. Later the Antifa members kicked him to the ground.

“Man, f— you for protecting this piece of sh*t!” the crowd shouted

Chad Loder, an Antifa member, is an inciter of violence, and he supports every violent protest. “No hate rallies in L.A.,” Loder tweeted, adding: “GTFO [Get the f— out of here].”

“F—ing coward. Hit a man, and you fing b*tch!” one from the group hollered.

Some Twitter users associated with Antifa attempted to gaslight the event and reverse the roles of victim and perpetrator. “[T]his wasn’t ‘self-defense,’ he was beating a person with a weapon,”

One assailant kicked the Asian man before he fought back, Andy Ngo shared. “Antifa accounts depend on lies and deception to legitimize their violence,” Ngo tweeted in response.


Another Latino couple was injured in the protest.

“Stop touching us!” the woman said. “Don’t get too cocky motherf—ers!” a man shouted back. “You’re gonna get your ass knocked down!”


One protester only holds a sign, and an Antifa member ripped it. So, when the woman wanted to leave, the rioters didn’t allow her.

“Go home, transphobes!” the crowd chanted. “You don’t need that sign. That sign doesn’t do anything for anyone,”

“I don’t mind transpeople. I just don’t want to see their penises in our locker room,” the woman stated calmly.

“We don’t want to see your vaginas either! Get your p*ssy ass out of here, b*tch!” another man retorted.

Local police didn’t arrive at the crime scene. LAPD officers arrived at large numbers.

“Please consider joining us as we stand against rampant transphobia in Los Angeles,” tweeted SoCal Antifa,

“It’s time to stand up up for our trans siblings,” the ad read. “No bigotry in L.A.” The graphic urged, “Everyone has a right to self care!”

“Our trans siblings need us now more than ever to stand up for their right to safe spaces,” the SoCal Antifa advertisement concluded, claiming that “transphobic conservatives are planning to protest against Wi Spa for simply serving transgender folks without discrimination.”

The Koreatown Health Club was a controversial center once the staff allowed a transgender man to enter the female chamber and expose his genitals. Everything was caught on camera, and that’s why the protest occurred.

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