Anti-Trump Actor Robert De Niro Just Got a Taste of Some Pretty Bad Karma

If you need further proof that Hollywood is really the Earth’s scum, then look no further.

They love to pretend to be these noble people of the “salt of the earth,” who strive to share their riches and wisdom with us common folk.

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But that couldn’t really be farther from the facts… and some of the most corrupt among them, including Robert De Niro, are uber-liberals.

And now, the truth is outta the bag, thanks to a strong dose of karma, and we all know what this elitist scumbag did.

De Niro, who is worth $500 million, also took bazillions of coronavirus relief money for his restaurants, one of which was the luxurious Nobu place in London, according to sources.

All of this as tiny American companies went under.

Despite being worth an estimated $500 million, actor Robert De Niro took the government’s coronavirus money to pay for expenses at his numerous restaurants around the world, including his luxury restaurant Nobu, located in London.

The Daily Mail published on Nobu, De Niro’s costly London eatery, to which celebrities flock while they are in the capital city of the United Kingdom. The 77-year-old star took enough government relief cash to cover 80 percent of the operating costs of the high-end restaurant, according to the report. U.K. U.K. The award of coronavirus relief money to De Niro’s restaurant was disclosed by government officials.

The government report notes: “As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom, the restaurant has been closed since March 21, 2020, and reopened on May 6, 2020, to provide a limited restaurant service that can be operated by the company under the recommended health and safety guidelines imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic, such as food take-off service.”

Nobu told the government that “a substantial decrease in profitability due to substantially reduced revenues in 2020” was anticipated.

Critics, including O’Connell, question why taxpayers should have to step in to pay their workers in view of how much Nobu’s owner is worth, as it seems possible that De Niro could comfortably cover the costs out of pocket.



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