Anthony Sabatini Mocks a Hysterical Reporter: “What World Are You Living In?!”

“Mitch McConnell, he’s basically a liberal, he’s almost a Democrat. And they know, they’re just biding their time before they’re removed from the party.”

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The U.S. House candidate Anthony Sabatini made an appearance on Showtime’s The Circus. During that appearance, he was interviewed and questioned by a female reporter on the COVID-19 vaccine passports and other restrictions, and repeatedly asserted her own views to debate the candidate.

So, he also switched and started mocking her…

“I’m not here to micromanage every aspect of their lives,” said Sabatini, “Maybe you don’t understand that because you work in journalism, but that’s the role of the government, that’s actually the founding principle of the government, is to protect rights, let decisions be made by individuals concerning their own public health.”

The reporter, Alex Wagner, immediately parroted the left-wing side of the COVID-19 debate. “But there is another side to this, okay? And there are people that say, if the federal government doesn’t step in in the event of mass death in America, a widely transmissible virus that is laying waste to the economy, that is shuttering schools and businesses, that is putting hospitals at capacity,” said Wagner, before being cut off by Sabatini.

Sabatini challenged, “What world are you living in? Are you vaccinated?” She replied that she was vaccinated, prompting Sabatini to question, “Okay. Are you encouraging people to get vaccinated?”

“They’re stupid. They’re stupid,” Sabatini interjected. Wagner quickly replied, “You think they’re stupid?” Sabatini answered, “Yes.”…

What do you think about this interview and this set-up reporter?


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