Another Vindication For President Trump In A Wrongful Lawsuit Fueled By Media Lies

Another one bites the dust!

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This is a chapter of American history that future students will read with special interest, given the fact, President Trump was backstabbed, wrongfully taken off the President seat, banned, spitted on, and shamed till death. And he just stood there, saying nothing, smiling with wisdom. And waiting in patience.

And the time has come!

In today’s article, we’ll explain the wrongful maleficient wrongdoing of the media, which brought a lawsuit against President Trump. Easy money for the news company! However, President Trump was just exonerated in this lawsuit!

“On one evening of “mostly peaceful” protesting, rioters had briefly forced the White House into lockdown with then-President Donald Trump inside.

The following day, the Trump administration ordered law enforcement to clear Lafayette Park of anti-police demonstrators.

Trump then happened to walk through the area to St. John’s Cathedral, where he held a Bible and encouraged the country to be strong amid the chaos.

The establishment media was all over it.

Its narrative was easy money: The Bad Orange Man™ had violated the civil rights of peaceful protesters by siccing the authorities on them.”

The Western Journal reports the following:

“As Americans learned earlier this month from an inspector general’s report, the only problem with the story was that it was complete bunk.

As it turned out, the Trump administration had ordered law enforcement to clear the area in order to establish a defensive perimeter around the Capitol area, in no small part because rioters had threatened the White House.

It was on the basis of this evidence that a federal judge ruled this week in favor of the federal government, tossing a series of lawsuits by Black Lives Matter and the American Civil Liberties Union, among other such groups, alleging that the right of demonstrators to peaceably assemble had been infringed.”

Here’s the very thoroughly explained decision brought by U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich.

“While the lawsuits claimed that “the officers attacked and improperly dispersed the protesters — they did not restrain them or attempt to seize them in place,” Friedrich wrote, “Indeed, quite the opposite was true — the officers attempted to cause the protestors and fleeing crowd to leave their location, rather than cause them to remain there.”

In other words, action taken by law enforcement had not amounted to attempted seizure or detainment under federal law — and the establishment media was completely full of it.”

Here’s his full deliberation. Presented in 51 pages – because of the huge media pressure which brought to this lawsuit and this kind of explanation!




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