Another Twist Plot In Whitmer’s Kidnapping Case Emerges

From the very beginning, there were many bizarre and fishy coincidences regarding the whole Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot.

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Like, the timing was very suspicious, and then it was discovered that so many “FBI informants” were involved. And also, in the court documents, claims that FBI informants were told by FBI agents to lie were discovered.

“It was one of the defense attorneys who claimed that an FBI told one of the informants working with them to “lie.”

This feels like yet another set-up.

According to Yahoo News,

“The attorney for a man accused of being involved in a plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer alleged that an FBI agent instructed an informant to lie and delete text messages that would reveal the agency was unlawfully furthering the conspiracy.

Attorney Michael Hills, who represents defendant Brandon Caserta, made the accusations Friday in a court filing, asking Judge Robert Jonker of the Western District of Michigan to order the government to produce all communications between Special Agents Impola Henrik and Jayson Chambers and the informant of the Wolverine Watchmen militia group, known as “Dan.”

And just look at this even more “sinister” twist.

One of the key FBI agents working on the case just posted anti-Tump rants online during the investigation.

“Federal prosecutors dropped the testimony of an FBI special agent involved in the investigation of an alleged plot to kidnap Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer after findings he called former President Donald Trump a “piece of s***” on social media during the investigation’s course, according to a defense attorney.

Michael Hills — who represents defendant Brandon Caserta, who is among the six people charged in the case — said during a court hearing Thursday that prosecutors decided not to use Agent Richard Trask’s testimony during a pending October trial. Prosecutors gave defense teams access to Trask’s social media posts this week, with at least one taking aim at Trump and his supporters, Hills stated.”

Here’s his online posting:

“If you still support our piece of s*** president you can f*** off,” read the March 28, 2020, post. “As someone whose wife works in the hospital, I hope you burn in hell along with your douchebag f****** reality tv star. His ego is going to kill a lot of people and anyone who supports that is a dumbass. This is what you get when you elect an egotistical/narcissistic (sic) maniac to the top office. He needs people to be nice to him or he won’t help. F*** you douche.”

It is disturbing, given the fact that this is an FBI AGENT, a person with higher authorities, directly linked to the government. These words are totally unsuitable for a man of his caliber. Mostly, accenting the fact that with this “trash talking” the former American President, while investigating a supposing kidnapping plot, the try is to pin a “right-wing” militia…


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