Another Trump-Hating RINO Appears to be About to Bite the Political Dust

Lisa Murkowski, a Trump detractor, has finally reached the end of her political rope.

This is what you call a complete and total “collapse” of a political career, and there’s no way back with figures like these.

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This is what’s going on…

Since voting to convict President Trump during the second impeachment charade, Lisa has been on a downhill spiral…

It’s been a slow but steady decline, but the bottom has finally fully fallen out.

According to Breitbart, Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s favorability rating among her own state’s Republicans has plunged to (not a typo) 6%. Six! Her unfavorable rating among Republicans in Alaska is a whopping 80%.

Overall, 59 percent of Alaskans dislike Murkowski, while only 26% think he’s a good guy.

The news is even worse for her when it comes to independents. Unfavorable views of her are held by 52 percent of independents, while favorable views are held by only 32 percent. Alaska’s independents have a conservative bent.

“By contrast, 85 percent of Republicans consider former President Trump favorably,” according to Change Research.

6% of people like you? Oh, my God…

These are statistics from which you just cannot recover.

This is fantastic news for us because it means we can now flip that Senate seat and elect a strong Trump-supporting America First Senator to represent Alaska in Washington.

There are still a lot of RINOs to go…

We’ll win if we keep battling.

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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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