Another One Bites The Dust! Watch The Latest Embarrassment Of Joe Biden!

Since we were in the dawn of questioning whether Joe Biden was even suitable to run for the Presidential chair, we should’ve cut to the point that he really is mentally incapable. And a bit crazy and really spooky!

Yet, there’s still time to undo the immense damage he has caused in just half a year in office.

According to the report published by The Western Journal,

“While giving comments on new federal measures to address wildfires in the West on Wednesday, Biden dutifully read off his teleprompter without much incident — that is, until he came across the name of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

He tried not once, not twice, but three times to pronounce the confounding word “oceanic.”

“Biden was explaining how “we are harnessing new tools and technologies to better identify and respond before new fires grow into large, uncontrolled conflagrations” when he got stuck.

“So, for example, the National Ocean — uh, the National Oceanogra — Ocean — Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,” he stuttered out, before managing to recover and explain that the agency “has satellite technology that is able to see from space when new fires start while they’re still small.”

Watch the embarrassing video:


Ava Garcia

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