ANOTHER JOB TERMINATION: Ohio County Prosecutor Fires His Employee For Refusing Vaccination

Will the government decide to react regarding these unlawful job-contract terminations?

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According to the article published by Life Site News,

” Montgomery County Prosecutor Mat Heck Jr.’s office fired one employee and others are reporting that he is harassing them to take experimental coronavirus vaccines for which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted voluntary Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) only.”

The prosecutor sent an e-mail announcement to all of his employees, with the following statement

“I can’t be bringing people back where some have it, some haven’t, and then they’re sitting next to each other. That’s just not doable and not fair or safe,” Heck told a local news station in Ohio. He added that employees with medical concerns or religious objections would not be required to be vaccinated. ”

He went so far, asking a nursing mother, who is breastfeeding her infant when she would stop breastfeeding so that she could “take a shot”!

“A nursing mother, who works in Heck’s office and declined to take a shot because its effects on breastfeeding babies are unknown, posted on social media that she has been asked when she will stop breastfeeding her baby so she can take an injection.

Besides the stress of being a new mother and returning, she said, “Now your employer tells you that you have 13 business days to get a vaccine that is under emergency authorization or lose your job.”

She said the stress of the situation impacted her breast milk supply, caused her to start losing her hair, and kept her awake at night fretting about what to do.

“Should I get a vaccine that has no long-term data knowing that whatever is in it is going to go straight to my new baby? Questions turn in your mind: ‘but, wait, I’m not supposed to drink excess caffeine, but a vaccine with no long-term tests is fine?’” she said. ”

Will there be a law to punish these acts – letting people go from work in the harsh times of a pandemia and economic crisis?


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