Another Expert Review of the Pennsylvania 2020 Election Results Provides More Evidence for Suspected Election Fraud. These Ballots Must Be Forensically Reviewed.

Like in most of other states – the results of the 2020 election just don’t seem to add up!

People demand overview and adequate audits of the ballots – but until this day, we haven’t seen any relevant reaction on this case.

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In today’s article we are going to more closely review the case in the state of Pennsylvania. On November the 13the, the pattern that made Joe Biden win on election night, right after it was published that in the area, President Trump is leading almost 2 to 1, just a very few hours before closing the elections, President Biden apparently won. And it became very odd.

Then, this pattern begun to show up in other states too – like a calculated mathematical variable, not possible in the free natural cause of events,  made with a single point – to make Joe Biden President of the USA!

“On Election Night, in 29 of 67 counties, the leader margins were similar to the margins in 2016 were when the counting stopped (Statewide 79% reported). 27 of those 29 counties are the only ones that showed 100% reported and two other counties were close to being 100%,” IT Internet and data expert, JJ Gee explains.

“The remaining 38 counties that did not match 2016’s margins, showed votes outstanding. After the final votes were added to these counties, all 67 counties ended with a leader margin similar to 2016’s margins,” he continued. “At the 79% reported point when the counting stopped, Trump was winning 60 of 67 counties. 4 counties (Bucks, Chester, Lehigh, and Monroe) were on the verge of flipping red from 2016. No counties were on the verge of flipping blue, as you can see on this image below.”

After the79% reported point, right at the point when the counting stopped (Biden: 2,477,804 and Trump: 3,019,296), the remaining votes added were 1,338,803, or to be exact, 71% for Biden: 980,425 and 29% for Trump: 358,378. (See sum of totals below).

“A totally impossible case scenario in the real world, taken the line of events as it was,” explains JJ Gee.

Ans as we’ve observed the results, they just don’t seem to add up and you don’t have to be an expert to come to the same conclusion. There has obviously been a major fraud when it comes to the last elections for President, but let’s just see how long the authorities along with the media are prepared to lie!



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