Another Evidence Proving State Election Officials Turned Their Backs On Trump And Election

Of course, conservatives must watch out for establishment Republicans just as they do Dems. All those who observed the 2020 presidential election know that something wasn’t right since the beginning. But, the so-called Republicans raised the most eyebrows.

Fox News called AZ for Biden before the left media outlets.

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Can you recall the moment when the right-leaning Supreme Court rejected appeals on the election results?
The absolute horror was like a scene from Julius Caesar, where prominent Republicans abdicated their obligations. They betrayed Trump, the man who wanted to make America the most dominant country in the world.

The worst thing was that all those who raised concerns about the integrity of the election were classified as conspiracy theorists and blacklisted.

We were one of those persons, but it turned out that we were right. In 2021 we could read a lot of reports vindicating conservatives. The election was flawed.

The Daily Mail reported on the mean behavior of election officials, and it was the crucial thing in the battleground states. Their report even quotes election officials gloating about their attempt to create a mess of the elections in their zones. Arizona is an example.

During the election, and even after it, officials blocked communication and access to Trump and his campaign. Because of this, they couldn’t verify election results.

“President Donald Trump and key allies undertook a furious campaign to try to get to Republican county election officials in Arizona as part of their election overturn effort – with the White House dialing New Year’s Eve and Rudy Giuliani phoning repeatedly.”

Then, Maricopa Country election supervisor Clint Hickman refused communication with Trump. He declined even after the AZ GOP chair told him to take the call.

‘Just a check-in from the President of the United States … So I guess that means you could/should take the call,’ Ward pressed him.”

“‘Hello, sir. This is the White House operator I was calling to let you know that the president’s available to take your call if you’re free,’ said a message an operator left on his voicemail. ‘If you could please give us a callback, sir, that’d be great. You have a good evening.’ He wouldn’t take either of two calls from a White House number. ‘I’m not going to tape a president, so I’m not going to talk to a president,’ he said. ”

The occurrence in AZ was very corrupted, and the mess happened because the corrupted election officials, including Clint Hickman, did what they did.

“Ward told supervisors to ‘stop the counting,’ and told Hickman: ‘A hand count before counts are complete is CRUCIAL.’ She wrote: ‘Make this happen!’ ‘We need you to stop the counting,’ she told Hickman.”

He didn’t listen to the orders and never explained his behavior.

It is more and more evident that as evidence emerges that maybe the Dominion voting machines’ powers harmed Trump. Still, the most significant damage was done by the corrupted players on the state and county levels. They made it look like the most massive corruption looked legal.

The 2022 election will arrive very soon, but the Republicans did nothing to fix those holes from within that caused the greatest damage in the 2020 election.

Just take a look at the Dems. Besides those allegations, they still push their agenda. I guess the Republicans are very comfortable in the Dems gang, looking at what will happen next.

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