Another Blunder Made by Kamala During the “Rural Americans” Interview Has Been Discovered by an OANN Reporter

If you haven’t heard, Kamala Harris, one of the most despised politicians in the United States, insulted rural Americans on national television.

Yes, Kamala Harris is out there again, alleging that rural American bumpkins are too stupid and clueless to figure out how to make a Xerox in an attempt to kill any “voter ID” or ID for mail-in ballots.

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That is her justification for not requiring photocopies of state identification with mail-in ballots…

It’s practically “impossible” for rural Americans to get items “xeroxed,” according to Kamala.

What the hell is going on…

That comment is snobbish, harsh, and absolutely dumb on its own, and it is also out of touch with how things function in America. This argument is similar to Democrats’ claims that voter ID is “racist” because black people are too stupid to figure out how to get one.

Kamala Harris, a woman who has been “given” everything she has in her elite life, from Willie Brown to Joe Biden, has no idea what regular rural Americans or black people are like.

And, while we’re on the subject of being out of touch, an OANN reporter observed something fascinating about Kamala’s interview when she criticizes rural Americans, and it’s clear evidence that Kamala is entirely out of touch with the majority of the country.

“Not only does Kamala claim that rural Americans can’t make photocopies, she also claims that they don’t have Kinkos, which hasn’t existed in over a decade,” reporter Jack Posobiec stated.

That may appear to some as a “minor” detail, but it is far from it.

It’s a clear sign of how out of touch this elite liberal politician is – and how little she cares about what she’s talking about or who she’s talking about.

She’s now speaking in repulsive “stereotypes,” and she doesn’t even bother to try to get the vile stereotype even slightly correct.

Even though Kinkos hasn’t been operational for more than a decade, Kamala uses it as a “example” of why rural Americans can’t be contributing members of society.

Wow, she’s really “in the know,” isn’t she? She spent a significant amount of time “researching.”

Another element of this is how insulting it is. She’s merely making crude remarks and saying they’re “facts.”

This is known as “false news.”

I’m sure Kamala thinks these knuckleheads spend their weekends at “Blockbuster.”

She’s a vile imposter.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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