Another Billionaire Has Passed Away Unexpectedly… This Guy Was Famous For His “Sexual Fetishes…”

Mircea Popescu was a Romanian bitcoin billionaire who had a predilection for highly naughty sexual escapades.

He was basically a scary pervert.

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And now, at the age of 41, he has passed away.

And his death occurred in Costa Rica, which remains a mystery…

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According to a story first reported in a Costa Rican news report this week, Popescu, rumored to be one of the largest individual bitcoin holders – he has claimed to hold 1 million coins, though more conservative estimates place his holdings in the tens of thousands – is believed to have died at the age of 41.

While the news was initially implausible — the story simply specifies his name – it has subsequently been confirmed by three distinct women with whom he was known to have had long-term, allegedly consensual master-slave relationships.

The Bitcoin entrepreneur had a penchant for “master/slave” relationships and is frequently accused of being a “woman-hater” and racist.

His death is now unknown, but rumors suggest he drowned, while many others believe he is still alive and “faked” his own death.

The event happened around 8:30 a.m., according to accounts.

According to local accounts, Popescu went for a dip in the sea but was swept away by the current and drowned.


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