Analyst Arrested by The FBI For Reportedly Lying In Investigation

The Russian-born, but American-basd analyst, the man behind the Steel Dossier files, got arrested by the FBI, under allegations he hasn’t been completely honest with them regarding the investigation.

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According to the Daily Mail,

“Igor Danchenko was arrested on Thursday morning in Virginia by federal agents assigned to John H. Durham’s special counsel inquiry into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe. He has reportedly been charged with five counts of lying to FBI agents about the sources that he used in gathering information for Steele.

Danchenko was the primary researcher for Steele’s infamous dossier that claimed that Trump had conspired with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. Though the FBI cited the document in a secret warrant application to spy on a Trump campaign advisor, most of the claims made in it have either been debunked or gone unproven.”

In the indictment, it’s claimed that “Danchenko lied to federal investigators by saying that he had not had contact with a certain US-based executive at an American public relations firm, who it has been revealed had ties to the Democratic Party.”

“Not only did Danchenko in fact have contact with this executive, he used him as a key source for one or more of the allegations made in the dossier. Danchenko is the third person, and the second in the last two months, to be arrested and charged in connection with Durham’s probe.”


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