ANALYSIS: ‘’Good Guys’’ Are Against The Cabal! They Can’t Stop The Awakening!

We obtained the new batch of new Intel from US military sources. It’s hard to sort out fact from fiction, but there is a source that proved everything accurate.

The information shares bombshell developments right now inside the deep layers of the Pentagon and the Biden administration.

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In the Pentagon, there is a growing consensus that the Biden regime puts America on a path of economic destruction, and it must be stopped from within.

The number of people in the CIA, FBI, DHS, DoD, etc., from black hat to white hat, is expanding. Many of these people, corrupted, greedy bastards, have limits on what they will tolerate.

They are aware of the child trafficking allegations and the evidence found on the Hunter Biden laptop.

Also, they have a good racket going, and they don’t want the racket to collapse.

We want to say that people who vote for Biden will also be destroyed as America falls.

Secret sources claim that indictment papers for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Hunter, and Joe Biden circle within the intelligence community.

All the players know about the crimes and difficult corruption that these people committed.

The intelligence community influencers are trying to have some degree of credibility for Dems in the mid-term elections. There isn’t a way to expose all this without destroying the credibility of the Democrats to shreds, and that’s the main reason why there is internal pushback against this strategy.

There’s a contingent within the deep state that needs to remove Biden using another method, like a false flag operation to be taken out and given a hero’s funeral, much like the official funeral of traitor John McCain, who was part of the Russia collusion coup attempt against Trump.

‘’ Biden’s funding of Iran is feared to unleash a wave of radicalized suicide bombers across Western Europe and the United States.’’

Biden’s new deal with Iran will flood Iran with billions of dollars in fresh cash, so they can fund a wave of suicide bombers unleashed onto Western Europe, pretending to be Ukrainian refugees. Some will go to the US<, and they can get weapons and explosives to perform their murderous deeds.

Biden is now the number 1 funding source for radical terrorism in the Middle East.

‘’ In my own assessment, I tend to believe that terrorists will prefer “soft” targets such as nightclubs and heavily attended sporting events, etc., where they believe they can accrue very high casualties due to the density of people in a small space. Think Las Vegas shooting or the Orlando gay nightclub shooting from a few years back.

Whatever form it takes, it is verified that the US intelligence community believes Biden’s actions in funding Iran will unleash a new wave of actual terrorism in Western Europe and America. We’re not talking about the fake, staged FBI events like the theatrical kidnapping of Michigan Gov. Whitmer. That was pure theater run by the FBI. What we’re talking about now is actual unbounded violence carried out by well-funded terrorist groups funded by the government of Iran, which is effectively funneling Biden’s US money into his terrorism operations.’’ Natural News reported.

The decision to eliminate Biden has arrived, and it’s a matter of time to see what methodology they will use to achieve that. It seems that the timetable for this would be accelerated by the Deep State.

Unless something radical changes, the Dems will lose their House majority and will lose House investigatory subpoena power, which they have used to threaten and intimidate their political enemies since 2019.

The Biden supporters are doing their best to keep him in power, regardless of his mistakes.

Their desired strategy to worsen the Ukraine-Russia situation is desperate. So, according to them, every bad news about Biden represents Russian disinformation.

There are Russian agents in the Biden White House right now, and one of them is the frontwoman for the media, and another figure is the architect of Ukraine’s corrupt politics, whose family is from Russia two generations ago.

This is a chance for Biden to be arrested and removed from power before he can pull the trigger on global thermonuclear war.

‘’ What’s clear in all this is that the regime’s war against the American people has shifted focus; now they’re at war with other factions inside the government itself, not merely pro-Trump patriots. They are in effect fighting a two-front war in America.’’ Natural News reported.

The secret civil war is unfolding by the day. We can all expect different fireworks from these actions because various deep state and intelligence community factions will wage false flags, assassinations, and blackmail.
Those mentioned above are the most vicious and immoral people on the planet, and they work against each other.

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