Ana Navarro Makes Surprising Announcement After Kamala Harris’s Interview Was Cut Short During Her “View” Stunt

On Friday, another odd episode of “The View” aired. An improbable stunt saw two hosts walk off stage mid-show with alleged positive Covid diagnoses, interrupting a planned interview with Vice President Kamala Harris amid swirling doubts facing a floundering Biden administration.

After a producer stopped the program, co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro exited in the middle of the show. For many observers, the timing of the ‘news’ appeared suspect because it caused the Kamala Harris interview to be delayed by about thirty minutes.

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When Harris was ultimately interviewed, it was in a dimly lit studio on the premises, and he shamelessly evaded all serious and relevant questions. Joe Concha, a Fox News contributor, pointed out that the “View” omitted to ask VP Harris a number of questions.

Concha pointed out that the co-hosts of “The View” conveniently avoided questioning Harris about the drone attack that killed seven children instead of the ‘ISIS-K terrorists’ as the Biden administration claimed, the FDA refusing to approve booster shots as the Biden administration had planned, and the French ambassador ‘excusing himself’ from the US over a trilateral agreement flap involving nuclear-powered submarines.

“It was all to instill trust in the vice president at a time when she is polling at 35%,” Concha said.

Ana Navarro’s handy “news” that she has now tested negative for Covid twice since the on-air incident added fuel to the flames.

On Friday, Navarro informed Anderson Cooper about the encounter, according to The Hill:

Ana Navarro, a co-host on “The View,” announced Friday evening that she had tested negative for COVID-19 despite testing positive earlier in the day before an interview with Vice President Harris.

On CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Navarro revealed that she has since taken a quick antigen test and a PCR test, both of which came back negative. She stated that she is awaiting the results of a third test before flying back to Miami.

Navarro praised Harris’s staff, the Secret Service, and the crew at “The View” for their handling of the matter.

The stunt was clearly timed to provide political cover for the vice president at a time when milliseconds mattered.


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