An Alarming Spike in Fatality Rates Among Young People Despite C-19 Vaccines

The Experts™ Covid mandates and lockdowns contributed to a massive spike in all-cause death rates for young people around the globe.

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This is what the data from multiple advanced countries now make clear.

Statista reporting from March shows that 879,953/944,657 (93%) of all recorded U.S. Covid-related mortality is over the age of 50. Nearly 75% of all Covid-related deaths are over age 65.

Pre-existing conditions are also a major determinative risk factor for susceptibility to Covid-19 related mortality, it should also be noted.

Economist data based on research by Marc Bevand shows that Covid-19 risk (Infection Fatality Rate) for young people is lower than that of the seasonal flu.

As the Lancet article, “Estimating excess mortality due to the COVID-19 pandemic: a systematic analysis of COVID-19-related mortality, 2020–21,” explains, “the magnitude and distribution of many other causes of death might have changed because of social, economic, and behavioural responses to the pandemic, including strict lockdowns. Under these conditions, excess mortality can provide a more accurate assessment of the total mortality impact of the COVID-19 pandemic than reported COVID-19 deaths.”

So, imagine the monumental scope of failure on a global scale if The Experts™ and not Covid-19 itself actually caused death rates among young people to massively spike around the globe?

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