Ammo Company Refuses To Serve Biden Supporters: “Yes, We Are Serious”

Biden voters are being turned away from their website by an ammunition company called Fenix, claiming they do not want their business.

Fenix claims that Biden is against the Second Amendment and that this is known to those who voted for him. These people, they think, need to educate themselves on this subject.

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This sends a message that is very direct. Fenix takes the right to bear arms seriously and thinks someone else should do, too. Nice for them.

Ammo Business to Pound Sand Tells Biden Supporters

For those who supported President Joe Biden, the small ammo maker, Fenix Ammunition, has a word: you’re going to have to go somewhere if you want ammo.

In reality, the first thing that pops up when you visit the company’s website is a question asking if you voted for Biden. Only those who press ‘no’ will be able to continue.

Check out the tweets below:










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