American’s Don’t Fight Back! OSHA’s Tyranny Will Expand To All Businesses!

The OSHA is trying to be a Nazi death team, the enforcement arm for medical fascism and tyrannical rule.
All US businesses having more than 100 employees have to mandate the vaccines. Otherwise, they will be fined $14,000 for each unvaccinated employee.

Those who are found to be non-compliant with vaccine mandates will be fired from work.

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It’s time to reject medical tyranny!

Those workers who don’t give proof of vaccination will be discriminated against, their bodies violated by weekly coronavirus swabs and masks mandates. People are forced to get vaccines. OSHA’s deadline for compliance is set for January 4, 2022. After this date, the federal employees may enter businesses, check papers, observe people, and ensure that everyone respects the rules.

OSHA looking to expand vaccine, testing, mask mandates to all businesses

The temporary emergency standard issued by the Labor Department isn’t temporary and standard. A mandate is an act of violation of human rights, med ethics, and the US constitution. The acts of force don’t have limits. The draft shows that OSHA wants public comment on the 100-employee rule.

They want to ensure the rule applies to all US businesses, regardless of the number of employees they retain.

The intrusion on elementary civil liberties is referred to the agency’s 490-page document.

“OSHA seeks information about the ability of employers with fewer than 100 employees to implement COVID-19 vaccination and/or testing programs,” the document says. OSHA stated that it is “soliciting stakeholder comment and additional information to determine whether to adjust the scope of the ETS,” or emergency standard, “to address smaller employers in the future.”

Health freedom can only be restored once every human rights violation is held to account.

The Biden administration thinks that they have the authority to force medical tests and experimental drugs, and medical devices on anyone they want.

More than 20 Attorneys General sue the Biden regime because of the OSHA mandates. It is good news, but a defensive approach to med tyranny won’t be enough in the following phase of the war against humanity.

Health freedom advocates most go on the offense now and ask autonomy over their bodies.

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