Americans Don’t Believe There Was a “Cyber Attack” on Pipeline

Many Americans are enraged by the gas shortages that are affecting most of the country’s eastern region.

A pipeline was allegedly hacked, according to reports. According to Reuters, a ransomware gang accused of crippling the nation’s largest fuel pipeline operator said on Monday that it never intended to cause havoc, an unprecedented assertion that experts interpreted as a sign that the cybercriminals’ plan had gone awry.

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Colonial Pipeline (COLPI.UL) was forced to shut down its network after the FBI accused the organization known as DarkSide of a digital blackmail attempt, threatening unprecedented chaos as Colonial works to get America’s largest gasoline pipeline back online by the end of the week. find out more

The Colonial Pipeline was not specifically mentioned in a terse news release posted to DarkSide’s website, but it was noted under the heading “About the latest news” that “our mission is to make money, not create problems for society.”

The amount of money sought by the hackers was not specified in the statement. Colonial Pipeline has not responded to the hackers’ statement, and US officials have said that they have no knowledge of it.

Many Americans blame Biden for the current state of affairs. This is understandable, given that during President Trump’s tenure, all under the sun was still his “fault.” As a result, the left developed these laws, which they must now follow.

These people, on the other hand, are on to something. We were energy independent about 100 days ago and had the Keystone Pipeline; today, we are no longer energy independent, the Keystone Pipeline is gone, gas prices are soaring, and now this hack has happened, demonstrating how weak and unprepared we are under Biden’s fake regime.

So, yes, people are right in blaming Biden for these reasons.




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