Americans Are Being Asked to Report ‘Potentially Radicalized’ Friends and Family Members By the Biden Administration

The official stated, “We will endeavor to raise public understanding of government resources to address problematic or dangerous behavior before violence happens.”

As a domestic potential, the official noted the Department of Homeland Security’s “If you see something, say something” effort to combat radical Islamic extremism.

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“This entails building environments in which family members, friends, and coworkers are aware that there are paths and avenues to voice concerns and seek support for persons they perceive to be radicalizing or potentially radicalizing toward violence,” the official explained.

In his inauguration speech, Biden issued a strong warning about the “rise in political extremism, racial supremacy, and domestic terrorism that we must fight and defeat.” The menace of “white supremacy” was identified by Biden as the “most serious threat to the homeland today” on June 1.

To fight radicalization, the Biden administration claimed it will collaborate with significant technology companies on “enhanced information exchange.”

“Any given IT business often has a deep understanding of its own platform,” the person observed. “However, the government monitors things — in this case, threats of violence — across platforms. They believe there is a link between online recruitment and radicalization.

To combat “malicious content online that bad actors consciously aim to propagate,” the Department of Homeland Security plans to employ “digital literacy” and “digital fitness” initiatives.

The official told reporters that the administration’s new measures for combating violent acts would remain “laser-focused.”

“This is a tactic that is ideologically agnostic or off the spectrum,” the person explained. “What matters is when people take their political or other complaints and transform them into violent action, which is unacceptable and illegal.”

The person went on to say that the Biden administration was concerned about domestic terrorism and that intelligence agencies would be redirected to internal dangers.

“We are investing in various government entities, effectively staffing them, and encouraging our citizens to participate,” the official said. “Because, at the end of the day, homeland security is a responsibility that each person of our country must share in helping us achieve.”


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