America: The Critical Moment Is Here! Machine Must Be Defeated!!!!

You will read everything that you need to know about Vernon Jones here. He represents a Democrat trying to pose as a Christian; Trump MAGA convert because he believes that the voters are dumb and will elect him to be the governor as a Republican. You can’t think that because he’s a sexual predator, killer liar, and anti-white racist.

We aren’t telling you this to force you to vote for Brian Kemp. He isn’t good too. In the worst moment, he was supposed to intervene and ensure the sanctity of Georgia’s election, but he was missing. GA has had total Republican domination for more than a decade. Republicans controlled the statehouse and the senate, the governor’s mansion for almost two decades.

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The primary process is crucial to ensure that we have the best candidates for office, so it is a weeding-out process.

In Georgia, the Dems want Brian Kemp to win. But they are licking their chops at the prospect of a Vernon Jones nominee.

Suppose the Stew Peters show has all the details about Vernon Jones’s past. Hundreds of million dollars Ossoff Democrat machine in Georgia has access to the same damning information about Vernon Jones.

A Vernon Jones GOP nomination guarantees democrat rule in GA. His campaign is derailed, and you can bet behind him and behind Kemp, and the same behind Loeffler and Perdue, the two failed big money bag men for the FinTech/financial industry, and that will pay for stooge like failing Vernon Jones.

The Fin/Tech industry will do everything to control the swing state of Georgia. They will use everyone, political stooges, to do it. They will market them and put a budget on them.

You must watch this episode of the Stew Peters Show to realize everything.

Why was Georgia’s election in doubt at all? Kemp wanted to pass his big election security law last spring, but he had two long years to pass that before the hotly-contested election of our lifetimes. He didn’t do anything, and he is trying to take advantage and save his face.

The GA failure was really bad. It gave the Dems two Senate seats and two seats that the Republicans could and were supposed to have held on to.

Furthermore, Warnock mustn’t have been close to a seat in the first place. Kelly Loeffler never won a senator election, so she was disappointed. Brian Kemp picked her. She applied for the job a couple of hours before the deadline, and she got it. It wasn’t due to Kemp’s lack of options. I wonder if Kemp and the other Communists intended to use Kelly Loeffler as their bag lady or access to continued insider trading that all of these politicians seem to think is a big secret.

Many examples of lifelong public servants are multi-millionaires now, and Vernon Jones ran off right before we could question that.

I doubt it’s by mere coincidence that right after getting appointed, Loeffler vindicated Kemp’s choice by attending a closed meeting about C-19 and then selling off millions of dollars in stock. She spent 2020 flopping around, and the media said that she lost the special election. Currently, Brian Kemp is running for reelection, and Dems might secretly be rooting for him. If they continue with this tempo, Georgia won’t have a single Republican left by the end of the second term.

Vernon isn’t an alternative. He’s tossing out there to throw the voting public in Georgia off his trail! He is falling as well as his campaign!

Moreover, Kandis Taylor opposed Loeffler, and she ran an outsider candidate in the last special election. Now, she’s making a play for governor and is stronger every day.

‘’Kandiss is someone who can’t be bought. She may not be a millionaire or a billionaire, but like Donald Trump, the entire establishment tries to reject her, saying she can’t win. Just like Donald Trump.

The country was so on fire for trump in 2016 because HE represented US., and they STOLE HIM AWAY from us.
But this government was set up so that ordinary people could represent ALL people. A government indeed OF, BY, and FOR the people.’’ Red voice media reported.


Red Voice Media TV GAb

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