America Confused – What’s Going on In The Capitol? [VIDEO]

If this clip makes you wonder what our government is up to, you are not alone….

Why is the man who supposedly won a historic landslide of 82 million+ votes so scared of Americans? Is Biden not, on the face of the planet, the most famous and beloved politician? Why does he have to turn US Int0 into a “military zone”? ”

That’s what a lot of people are thinking, and even beyond that, some are wondering what the heck the government might be plotting… what’s in the works?

“Journalist “Amuse” shared the video and said this about the clip: “Makes you wonder what they are trying to do to us, which is so bad that they would need defensive walls and thousands of troops to shield them from their fellow Americans. Last night DC”

Here are some comments and interesting observations on what’s happening in DC from other interested Americans:

“Honestly it really does feel like Jan 6 was an designed to give them precedent to preemptively fortify White House security like this My guess is we’re going to see more covid restrictions and racial agitation to produce more violent riots like we saw last year”

“I remember someone saying that you can’t legislate by Executive Order unless you’re a dictator. Then I remembered Biden’s 50+ Executive Orders in his first month. Now I wonder why he needs four layers of border wall surrounding his house with razor wire?”

“Something fishy is definitely going great on there “

“Federalize our elections Take away our fossil fuel Take away our guns Sell out our country to China”

“The world knows they cheated, they know they cheated “they scared” & they should be! CHEATER’S! Biden didn’t have people wishing him happy pres. day but Trump sure did & he had a parade. The people’s choice was Trump, Biden does not belong in the white house. He should step down!”

Excellent comments and observations, if you ask me.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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