Amazon’s Facial Recognition Software Identifies Michelle Obama as Male

The very controversial facial recognition technology exists and it is integrated in almost every device made in the latest 2 years.

We are being spayed on, without our own consent.

But that’s another issue.

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What’s hot at the moment is the fact that there’s an additional issue sparking a great deal of controversy and questioning the accuracy of the software.

“A new report reveals that Amazon’s facial recognition software wrongly identified Michelle Obama and Serena Williams

Amazon’s gender recognition procedure identified Black celebs Michelle Obama and Serena Williams as male.

According to MIT researcher Joy Buolamwini, “Amazon’s reaction was that the software package is not “facial recognition, it is gender recognition” — as if that can make it appropriate to determine females as male.

Critics complain that Amazon’s system exhibits gender and racial bias, and modern reports have verified that bias.

Reports led by Buolamwini uncovered huge racial and gender bias in the facial recognition program.

Protests throughout the United States prompted Amazon to suspend police use of its software in 2020 as “male,” and instead of addressing the issue, Amazon punted, claiming that’s a “gender” issue, not a facial recognition matter.”

After some tweaking, the ban was lifted by Amazon, stating it hoped Congress would go legislation to ensure moral use of the gender recognition technology.


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