Alyssa Milano Reveals Ugly Truth About Her “Toxic” Behavior

Alyssa Milano likes to portray herself as a cute, liberal who only wants to spread happiness and rainbows.

It seems to be just a ruse.

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Rose McGowan, Alyssa’s former “Charmed” co-star, claims Alyssa is a miserable, rude, toxic diva who made work-life intolerable for everyone…and she’s calling her out.

She roasted her former co-star on Twitter for how she “stole” and “destroyed” the #MeToo campaign, but she went even deeper and revealed what a toxic “DIVA” Alyssa was on the set of “Charmed.”

According to Rose, we might have another “Ellen” on our hands – probably even worse.

“1) You stole #metoo (a genius networking mechanism, not a movement) from Tarana,” McGowan says in the first tweet. You abused my Cultural Reset campaign for fame, envious of me for revealing my rap artist. On Charmed, you made $250k per week.

2) “You threw a fit in front of the crew, screaming, ‘They don’t pay me enough to do this shit!’” she says in the next tweet. On a regular basis, appalling conduct. Since you made the set toxic AF, I cried every time we got renewed. Now, you fucking liar, get off my coattails.”

Isn’t it true that Alyssa Milano wants to portray herself as a wholesome, caring progressive?

She’s still thinking about women, the environment, and remembering to “wear your mask,” etc.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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