Alyssa Milano ARRESTED at The White House!

The reason is absolutely THE dumbest excuse you’ll be hearing from the Democrats!

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Alyssa Milano, the star of the renowned and world-famous series “Charmed” was advocating for a cause she seems respectful – voting rights, in front of the White House.

The thing is – this is an obsolete subject at the moment, given the fact, those battles, as the battle for voting rights for women have already been long-ago won.

Once a star, now lurking for fame, Alyssa Milano and a crowd of far-left citizens are seeking to hop on a train to make “their voice be heard” – Democrat policies like Jim Crow laws, from back in the 60s.

but seeking to protect election integrity has nothing to do with Jim Crow laws. Despite the personal opinions claimed by failed ‘entitled‘ gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

According to the official report published by The Hill,

“Actress Alyssa Milano was arrested during a voting rights protest at the White House on Tuesday as the Senate gears up for a vote on the Freedom to Vote Act, a scaled-back version of the voting rights bill that Senate Republicans blocked in June.

“Milano announced her arrest in a tweet Tuesday afternoon. She said she had been demonstrating with People for the American Way, a progressive nonprofit organization that advocates for equal rights and constitutional liberties.”

What comes really strange, is how the mainstream media immediately reports on Democrats fighting for a cause, but on the other hand, when the opposition and citizens that represent Republican and America First views do the same – they get banned and warned by social media networks, and not even mentioned in the mainstream’s media stories!

Such a shallow and preposterous agenda.

She only want to ride the “train of fame”.

And this photo, with her mask OFF, proves it all!


Ava Garcia

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