‘’Alt Doctors’’ Profited From C-19 Crisis By Spreading Fear!

Dr. Anne Bukacek from Montana shared an address at Liberty Fellowship, led by Chuck Baldwin! She is a board-certified international medicine physician and has experience in medicine for more than three decades.

One video presentation from April 2020 exposed the fraud committed on death certificates that were being manipulated to state the cause of death was due to COVID, and it went viral at the time.

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In her most recent address at Liberty Fellowship, she discussed her perspectives on the ‘’Alt Doctors’’ who had a rally in Washington DS to oppose the C-19 vaccine mandates and then met the following day with Se. Ron Johnson in a 5-hour session that was recorded.

The doctors who opposed the C-19 vaccine mandates represent more than 17,000 doctors who Bukacek refers to as the ‘’Alt Doctors.’’

She described these doctors as: ‘’ Many are world-renowned, highly credentialed, and highly published. The attempts to silence their dissenting views have been fierce. Such doctors are a necessary ingredient for returning to sound medical ethics, sound medical practices, people’s rights, and societal sanity.’’

This presentation from Dr. Bukacek represents an important message today, and she advises on how to evaluate these Alt doctor authority figures by examining more what they do and what they don’t share with the public.

She said:

Eternal vigilance remains the price of freedom.

We know from history, the thousands of years of recurrent, organized attempts to enslave mankind, that basic plan does not change, though the form of it might.

I look through this lens when I listen to authority figures discussing COVID-19, because let’s face it, the infectious disease model of tyranny was highly successful the last 2 years, in part, because of the cooperation of doctors.

The doctor added:

While flying to visit my dad recently, my brain needed a rest reading and writing, and so the most brainless endeavor I could find on the plane was to listen to the national news.

So I listened to 3 different stations, and one of the stations, the one that would be considered the most “conservative,” they were mocking Biden’s and the CDC’s recommendation for all ongoing mask mandates because this Omicron is such a wimpy variant.

But then they were quick to say, this is on the conservative news station, that of course we’ll need to reinstate those if a worse variant comes up.

So I count this as very recent evidence that the infectious disease model of tyranny will be replayed again and again, and I think we know that.

Will some of these Alt doctors be used in the future, like corporate establishment doctors were used in the last two years? I have to wonder….

The doctor emphasized that while all of the medical experts at this event were supporting the vaccine, there was one person who wasn’t a medical doctor, but had a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology, and was the only one who was against the vaccine and addressed the fraud of the PCR tests Dr. Christina Parks said:

Along this line, I have concerns about critical issues that were not adequately addressed by this doctor panel.

A case in point, the way that Dr. Christina Parks’ remarks were ignored. In contrast to the many doctors on this panel who had enthusiastically positive things to say about vaccines, Dr. Christina Parks discussed the intrinsic problems with the vaccine industry.

She also brought up the problems with PCR testing.

None of the doctors joined her in support of that. And the moderator quickly moved on to next topic. I give honor and praise to Dr. Parks, her veracity, sagacity, and tenacity.

Why were Dr. Parks’ comments, her points, ignored? Points critical to having an intelligent, cogent, and well-rounded discussion of COVID-19?

Again I ask, will these Alt doctors be used in the future like corporate establishment doctors were used in the last two years?

I’ve studied some of these doctors in the last year and a half, through my critical lens. And for some of them, I think it is highly unlikely that they will be used as pawns by the world’s chess masters.

But all it takes are 2 or 3, especially if they are the most popular.

Dr. Parks also discussed the problems with the mRNA shots causing increased cancer, and Dr. Robert Malone said that he agreed with her and Dr. Cole.

Dr. Bukacek then added:

Our strategy as traditional American freedom fighters, when we advocate for freedom, we must mitigate fear, as fear is the currency of control.

Anyone promoting fear warrants close scrutiny. I don’t care how credentialed, or how world renowned (they are).

So let’s talk about what was missing from the panel discussion.

Flawed PCR Tests

One of the two main excuses for over-regulating most of the world, and for infringing on basic human rights, was flawed PCR COVID testing. The way PCR testing was used in 2020, created meaningless, uninterpretable data.

That is an essential topic for any serious discussion of COVID-19, because faulty PCR testing was the cornerstone of calling this a “pandemic,” based on “cases.”

I can think of two potential reasons for this panel ignoring PCR testing.

One of them, COVID testing is lucrative.

In 2020 I was approached by at least four different companies that do PCR testing saying that “you could make a lot of money Dr. Bukacek doing this PCR testing.”

One of them even said: “you’re so respected and loved in your community that you could be a center for PCR testing. You could make a lot of money.”

So let’s look at how much a diagnostic lab might make in a large city or covering a large region.

There is one owner of a diagnostic lab, who shall remain nameless, who brags about doing 500,000 PCR tests.

Before the government started giving these tests for “free,” they were a hundred to two hundred fifty dollars cash money, cash on the barrel.

So if we low-ball it and say a hundred dollars, that’s 50 million dollars made on COVID testing alone by that diagnostic lab.

I am not against the private sector making money, not by any stretch of the imagination.

But in the case of PCR testing, think about it, they’re making money off of people’s manufactured fear, using a fatally flawed test. And these are people who own and manage diagnostic labs. They know the test is meaningless, creating meaningless data. And they continue to make money off of it.

I don’t know if it can get any more loathsome than that.

And so could this money-making be an incentive to be a cheerleader for PCR testing, or at a minimum to not say too much about it?

She continued:

Another potential reason for ignoring the problems with PCR testing, would be individuals having a vested interest in continuing to promote fear.

Will some of these doctors later come out as cheerleaders for a “truly safe and effective vaccine?”

I can’t help but wonder, because fear has to be maintained, in order to justify ongoing research into vaccines and anti-viral medications.

There is evidence to suggest this could be operative.

One of the most popular of these Alt doctors, who is critical of the Pfizer vaccines saying there’s not proven safety and efficacy, he very much promotes, I’ve heard him on a different talk, the Pfizer COVID pill Paxlovid that remains investigational. I’ve heard him. I’ve seen him do it. (Editor’s note: This appears to be Dr. Peter McCullough. Link.)

I hope that concerns you.

Pfizer made an estimated 70 to 80 $Billion in profit in 2021, and 70-80 percent of that was with COVID vaccines. Pfizer’s profits went up over 400% in 2021.

Do you think Pfizer executives are above making overtures to these Alt doctors? And, those executives know how to make silent partners so that the collusion remains outside of the public eye.

Dictatorial government officials cannot control the masses unless they scare them. A fact.

And it was a contagion of fear, not a virus, that led to the lockdown of most of the world.

Fear led people to voluntarily give up their individual rights and meekly obey government dictates.

At the end of the presentation, she shared a 5-point summary:

1. Be vigilant for an upcoming new and invisible enemy used to scare people into submission.

If the corona variants lose the fear factor, they’re going to come up with something else.

2. Be skeptical of any authority figure using the CDC exaggerated death numbers from COVID, that we know are based on improper death certificates and flawed PCR COVID testing.

Especially those health professionals who make money off of COVID testing.

3. Watch out for anyone promoting an upcoming “safe and effective vaccine” for something even by the exaggerated CDC numbers has close to a 99% survival rate overall, and statistically 100% survival rate for the younger generation.

4. Any authority figure who claims to understand the COVID debacle, but ignores the central role of government in this mess, those individuals you need to take a closer look.

5. Be of good cheer. A COVID positive test does not mean severe illness or death. Scrutinize any authority figure who talks of a positive COVID test as a reason to fear death.


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