‘All He Wanted To Do Was Play Hockey ’ A Grieving Dad Explaining His 17 Year Old’s Death From Pfizer

Deaths are ‘happening, more than anyone knows, and it’s just being denied and silenced.’

A true story.

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This boy got the Pfizer shot in order to be allowed to play the sport of his dreams.

Dan Hartman, a grieving dad from Toronto testified to the Toronto City Council on Tuesday, explaining his beliefs that his teenager son Sean was killed by the Pfizer COVID shot.

The grieving father said that an autopsy for his son showed a “slightly enlarged heart,” but that the cause of death was “unascertained.” Hartman says that a doctor who has viewed the autopsy told him that he believes the COVID shot killed his son.

“I know in my heart and soul, I believe the second pathologist that the vaccine killed my son,” he said. “It’s not rare as everyone thinks it is. It’s happening; it’s on Twitter every day, people dying from this. I’m not an anti-vaxxer at all, I’m really not, but I think there is something wrong with this one.”

What would you do if you were in his place?

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