ALDI To Terminate Employment of All Unvaccinated Workers

The supermarket chain ALDI has written to all employees, giving the am ultimatum. By informing them that they have until 1st March 2022 to provide proof of their Covid-19 vaccination status, or their contract of employment will be terminated, ALDI has joined the list of tyrants.

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Here’s more on the content of the letter, from the report published by the UK Expose.

“In a letter sent to all employees, ALDI stated that if an employee refuses to provide information about their vaccination status by 1st March 2022, they will be treated as if they are unvaccinated, but did state that they will recognize some “extremely limited instances” where employees are unable to be vaccinated due to “being allergic to components in the vaccines” as long as medical evidence is provided.

ALDI goes on to say in the letter to employees that “ALDI has provided over 3 months’ notice of the requirement to be vaccinated by March 2022 to continue in employment… Employees who choose not to be vaccinated will be permitted to work until 1st March 2022… Unfortunately, employees who choose not to be vaccinated will not be able to continue in employment with ALDI from 1st March 2022”.

ALDI also made clear in the letter that they will require employees to keep up with all scheduled booster doses in order to still be considered vaccinated, implying that if they do not then they will be considered unvaccinated and have their employment terminated.

ALDI also made it clear in the letter that all sub-contractors who carry out work on ALDI premises will also be expected to be fully vaccinated, and to have provided proof of this to ALDI before being allowed to work on their sites, but stopped short of applying the same rules to customers citing that “Public health organizations have noted the limited transmission of Covid-19 between customers in retail settings”.

Then, what is the real reason they’re demanding their workers to be vaccinated?

Obviously, every little detail that adds to the COVID “plandemia” is about control. Nothing else!


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