Alan Dershowitz Announces $1.6 Billion Lawsuit Against Dominion

100 Percent Fed Up – Mike began his all-day interview with Dershowitz with revealing that “My Pillow” is suing Dominion for $1.6 billion for breaching their First Amendment rights.

Dershowitz explains why Dominion is infringing on Mike Lindell’s First Amendment rights as well as the media’s freedom to report the news: “We’re going to sue you and put you out of business, and we’re not even going to let you look at our source code to see what we’re suing you for.”

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Dominion was chastised by Dershowitz for refusing to disclose the source code. “It’s as if My Pillow was accused of having a secret poison in its formula that you couldn’t tell by looking at the pillow, and then My Pillow said, ‘We’re not going to give you our formula; we’re going to keep it hidden from you.’ That’s just what they’re attempting. They’re attempting to conceal their behavior while also attempting to discourage you from entering the marketplace of ideas. They’re in the concept marketplace. They’re not only in the marketplace of ideas; they’re also in the marketplace of goods and services. They’re trying to keep you from being able to sell your goods in supermarkets.

“For the purposes of the lawsuit, Dominion is the nation,” Dershowitz said, explaining that the government was tabulating our votes using Dominion devices. “This may be one of the most critical First Amendment cases in the history of the United States,” Mike told his crowd.

Dominion could endanger the media, individuals, and businesses like My Pillow if they discuss their product in relation to the November election results, according to Dershowitz. Alan Dershowitz said, “No wonder where you stand on the fairness of the election, we should always be on your side of the lawsuit.”

He also clarified how Dominion, which he says is operating as a government agent, has threatened the media with large litigation if they address the Dominion case, stating that “you don’t have to be a conservative” to see that what Dominion is doing is incorrect, claiming that they are “misusing the power provided to them by the government to censor free speech.” Dershowitz explained, “Dominion is a government actor.” “I believe we will be able to look at Dominion’s source codes,” he said, adding that they will seek access to the Dominion codes and that “I believe we will be able to look at those machines.”

They will sue Dominion under “Alien and Sedition” rules, according to Dershowitz. During Adam’s government, he explained in the late 1700s, “They went after newspapers–they went after Benjamin Franklin’s nephew’s newspaper,” he said. ” “They tried to shut down every newspaper that helped Jefferson,” Dershowitz added. With a few exceptions, we have had true free speech since that time. The era in which we now live, however, is one of the most severe attacks on free expression and cancel culture.”

“You’re next…” says the narrator. Dershowitz issued an alert. “If Mike Lindell and My Pillow can be silenced, they can silence YOU!” You should be a supporter of our cause.


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