AIDS For Everyone Above 30 Who’s Fully Vaxxed

Been wondering about what ws 2022 going to bring for us?

Well, one thing is for sure – that’s autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) for all the fully vaxed, reaching over the age of 230.

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Speaking against the COVID-19 agenda and the promotion of the supposed miracle drug, Dr. Tenpenny admitted, “We know the mechanism of this. The spike proteins enters the nucleus of the cells and binds to our DNA. So anybody who says that it doesn’t irreversibly bind your DNA are wrong. They’re not reading the scientific literature. And it binds to the DNA, it blocks the door, and it starts making it into an abnormal cell, that if that cell replicates it will turn into cancer. And then it bars the door, blocks the door and doesn’t allow our God given immune system repair enzymes to come in and repair the damage that spike protein is caused. Hence, that allows cancer to form and why we are seeing Dr. Ryan Cole has talked about this a lot.”

The doctor added, “Why are we seeing this explosion of cancer in people that get these shots? People that have been in remission and treated, they’re in remission, or they said they don’t have cancer anymore. Suddenly, they’re exploding. And it’s endometrial cancer. All kinds of blood cancers, lymphatic cancers, breast cancers from these shots and we know the mechanism, it’s not a guess. Data came out just in the last two weeks that if a person is injected, they’re 8.12 times more likely to be infected with Omicron. Again, suppression of your immune system, suppression of your white blood cells, ablation of your toll-like receptors.”

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Warning of the potential pandemic ahead, the doctor concluded, “The more shots you get, the more you destroy your immune system and the faster that happens. And it’s anticipated the German data says that by the end of 2022, every fully vaccinated person over the age of 30 may have the equivalent of full blown vaccine induced immune suppressed aids [VAIDS]. This is government data from Germany.”

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