AG Merrick Garland Brutally Destroyed By Perfectly Prepared GOP Representatives At House Hearing! [WATCH]

This Thursday, Republican lawmakers came perfectly prepared at the House Judiciary Committee hearing! The result of good preparedness is the complete destruction of the corrupted General Merrick Garland.

The GOP lawmakers ripped off AG and the criminal actions of the Biden regime. Garland was the worst witness so far in history; he was dim and clumsy and remained quiet for most of the time.

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He literally didn’t have an answer to offer all those Republicans’ questions.

It was BRUTAL!

Rep. Jim Jordan grilled AG Garland on the uptick in threats at school board meetings. Of course, Garland remained silent.

Next, Rep. Andy Biggs asked Garland about the illegal border crossers that counted 400,000 only this month. Again, AG had no answer.

Rep. Victoria Spatrz warned about the FBI’s resemblance to the Soviet KGB. Again, AG Garland had no answer.

Furthermore, Rep. Greg Steube criticized Garland on the insurrection at the Interior Department and the two-tiered American justice system. The AG again remained silent.

Rep. Louie Gohmert criticized AG Garland due to the murder of Rosanne Boyland that took place on January 6.

Rep. Tom McClintock roasted Garland on the open border and the highest number of illegal migrants entering the US in history. Garland had no answer.

Rep. Steve Chabot questioned Garland on his targets, American parents, labeling them as domestic terrorists.

Rep. Thomas Massie asked Merrick Garland about the FBI informants working with Trump supporters on January 5 and 6. Again the US AG remained silent.

Rep. Matt Gaetz blasted Garland on the left hacks he hired in the DOJ. They weren’t even needed!

Rep. Mike Johnson roasted Garland on his family’s financial links to the CRT publications. Garland couldn’t answer either one question!

Rep. Ken Buck leveled AG Merrick Garland on Biden’s son Hunter’s latest grifts as a painter.

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