Steve Scalise Just Accused Pelosi of Something Potentially Impeachable (video)

This is serious -- is it time for Nancy to face punishment?

Though I think Nancy Pelosi ought to be impeached, there is one major question.

House members can’t be impeached.

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But other things very close to impeachment can happen to them, and she should face punishment in light of what Steve Scalise just accused Pelosi of.

USA Today

Members of Congress should not legally go through impeachment hearings. Yet they may be dismissed and punished in other forms from the workplace.

Expulsion is a more simplified procedure than impeachment, according to a report by the Congressional Research Service.

A dismissal by impeachment requires the intervention of both houses of Congress-impeachment in the House and trial and conviction in the Senate; whereas an expulsion is carried out exclusively by the House or Senate acting alone with respect to one of its own members, and without the constitutional provision of trial and conviction,” the report states.”

With a two-thirds vote, House and Senate members will expel members, as set out in Article I of the Constitution.

As you know, after a Bernie supporter fired up a baseball field, Steve Scalise was shot and nearly died.

The Dems like to speak about the risks of “incitement” in a big game, but ironically, they are simply inciting and encouraging their individuals to wreak havoc on the rest of us.

Just look at what happened during the “Summer of Love” for three months, when left-wing communists unleashed holy hell on the country, and people like Kamala Harris encouraged bail funds to keep the violence going.

Today, Pelosi is back at it… Pelosi’s new rhetoric, according to Steve Scalise, is the same mean, hateful talk that nearly killed him.

Below, you can watch the video:

Scalise has a point.

The sort of unhinged rhetoric that almost got him killed is calling Republicans “domestic enemies.”

You tell your mad, zombie-based guys things like this, and you give them the “okay” to harm us. They are now “heroes” if a “domestic terrorist” is taken down.

“Once again, Dems run their wild, hateful agenda off of the “ends justify the means” style mentality.

The GOP needs to grow louder and stronger and continue to call this out and make attempts to prosecute individuals like Pelosi. On Twitter, they can’t just sit around and whine. They have more to do.

The problem is, many of these GOPers are traitors who are more in favor with the Dems than with their own foundation… and they all need to leave.

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