After This Mistake She Made, Psaki Is The Best “Witness” In President Trump’s “Big Tech” Lawsuit

All that ‘yappin’ makes you spill something wrong by accident!

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Psaki is doing a presser every second day. And normally, by trying to cover up 90% of the things that are actually going down behind the Dems’ curtain, she can’t hide it all, and her mouth is actually connected to her brain, who is absolutely full of all kinds of banned information.

“During her recent presser, Jen Psaki shocked a lot of people when said that the Biden admin is working with social media to flag certain problematic posts.”


And conservative pundit Mark Levin thinks this mistake is going to be a point for President Trump and his Big Tech lawsuit.

According to Breitbart,

“Levin went on to point out that Psaki had essentially made Trump’s case. “Jen Psaki is the best witness for the Trump lawsuit.”

Levin, the author of the new bestseller, American Marxism, noted that Psaki and Dr. Murthy were delegating immense power to control speech to the very platforms that had suppressed information about the plausible theory that COVID-19 had escaped from a lab, and had censored information about Hunter Biden’s laptop, falsely calling it disinformation.

He warned that Trump’s legal fortune would depend on which judges ultimately heard the case, but said that he had been convinced by Psaki’s own words and behavior, as well as those of Dr. Murthy, that Trump’s argument was convincing.”

Do you agree with Mark?


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