After That Shambolic 9/11 Speech, George W. Bush Got What He Deserved

George W. Bush is a liar and a thief. He’s possibly a greater traitor than John McCain, and he’s surely worse than Mitt Romney.

Remember how everyone believed Bush was simply being “respectful” and professional by remaining silent throughout Obama’s reign of terror?

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He wasn’t one of them.

He was being complacent, and he was actually assisting his close friend Obama in destroying the country with his worldwide communist objective, America Last.

Because Bush was out there criticizing Trump and his America First program almost as soon as he appeared on the scene.

Bush, on the other hand, sunk to new depths on 9/11, when he turned the 20th anniversary of the terrible terror act into a Democratic SuperPac campaign targeting Trump supporters.

We now know exactly for whose team Bush is batting, and it isn’t ours.

Well, I don’t think George W. Bush anticipated the level of criticism he received. In terms of the “Republican Party,” he’s finished since President Trump and his allies now run the show.

And, while we’re on the subject of President Trump, he just shoved George W. Bush through a RINO meatgrinder and turned him into sausage, along with his ridiculous “insurrectionist” argument.

According to News Week, President Donald Trump retaliated on Monday over a 9/11 warning made by fellow Republican and former Commander in Chief George W. Bush, slamming both the message and Bush’s presidency.

“During his presidency, the World Trade Center was demolished,” Trump said in a statement. “Bush presided over a disastrous and uninteresting presidency. He has no right to lecture anyone!”

The slam came in response to Bush’s speech at Shanksville, Pennsylvania, on the 20th anniversary of the al-Qaida terror assault on the United States on Saturday.

In his rebuttal, Trump says it’s “so interesting to watch former President Bush, who is responsible for getting us into the Middle East’s quicksand (and then losing! ), lecture us that terrorists on the “right” are a bigger problem than those from foreign countries who hate America and are pouring into our country right now.”

“If that’s the case, why was he willing to spend trillions of dollars and maybe kill millions of people?” He has no right to lecture us about anything.

“Bush presided over a disastrous and uninteresting presidency. He has no right to lecture anyone!”

In addition, President Trump made the following statement:

He couldn’t be more correct, President Trump.

But it isn’t just President Trump who has slammed RINO traitor Bush…

It’s a slew of irate folks yelling for Bush to shut up.

“What a disappointment, when he had a chance to unify and uplift. ” 

“The more I hear from George W Bush, the more I realize there was never really a choice in presidential elections in my lifetime until 2016.

“Disgraced fmr president George W Bush is using the 9/11 memorial to say Trump voters are the same as the radical jihadists who attacked 20 years ago This is who he is”

“I have personally overlooked many things from former President George W. Bush but his comparison between Trump voters and the Jihadists from 9/11 is an absolute disgrace. F*cking unbelievable. “

“I am ashamed I ever supported George W. Bush.”

“Shame on George W. Bush”

“When Occupy Democrats is cheering George W Bush you might be confused if you haven’t been paying attention”

“George W. Bush delivered a dreadful 9/11 speech” 

“George W. Bush is a ruling class fraud, no different than Clinton, Obama, and Biden.”

“Liberals are swooning emotionally for George W. Bush because they crave his War on Terror, but they just want it unleashed domestically at their political opponents. Hearing Bush link 9/11 with 1/6, and compare his War on Terror with their new one, was ecstasy for them.”

“One of the most incredible political accomplishments of my lifetime is George W Bush casting himself as a “hero” of 9/11 even though he 1. Ignored intelligence warning him of an attack in the Summer of 2001 2. Responded with the disastrous war in Iraq 3. Never caught Bin Laden”

“George W. Bush did the following: -Disregarded memo 36 days prior to 9/11 stating Bin Laden to strike in US. -Invaded Afghanistan & Iraq. -Created the Patriot Act. -Oversaw CIA torture program. George W. Bush is a war criminal who still walks free. Never Forget.”

“George W Bush is a piece of shit.”

“Texas will never be truly based until it renames every single building, road, school, bridge, street, and institution that bears the George W. Bush name”

“George W Bush has forgotten. Screw him” 

“Disgraced former President George W Bush hijacked the 9/11 memorial to attack Trump and compare the radical Islamic terrorist attack that left nearly 3k people DEAD to the J6 protest. Shame on him. Bush will go down in history has one of the worst Presidents EVER.”

Bush, more than anyone else, is deserving of ridicule and contempt… Gorgie got precisely what he deserved.

I’m sorry I ever voted for him and thought he was one of the “good people.” Back then, I was dozing off behind the wheel.

I hope Bush has a good time with his new Democratic allies…

But he had better be careful, since one false word or move and they’ll rip him apart limb by limb.

And I hope he recognizes that he has just wrecked the political prospects of any of his children who want to run for office as “Republicans.” I’m hoping they all switch to the Democratic Party.

A discredited and nasty family has been extinguished.

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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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