After Phillip’s Funeral, Royal Experts Think Harry and Meghan Won’t Make It

This week, a royal analyst who was friends with the late Princess Diana spoke out, claiming that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry “won’t last” as a couple.

“She and Harry aren’t going to last. “It was off with everyone’s head until she became the royal Duchess of Sussex,” Lady Colin Campbell told Page Six, referring to Meghan. “She missed it because she was disconnected from reality. When my name is mentioned, she bursts out laughing. But she won’t be able to do anything because I didn’t make any legal errors. I am legally okay because of everything I said about her — her past, how she found out about him.”

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“Since the Oprah piece, her name has been dragged through the mud all over the Commonwealth, including the islands. “This woman was caught off guard and told lies,” Campbell said. “She couldn’t keep her words to herself. Harry went along because he knew those statements couldn’t be changed. He was displeased because he knew they were untrue. They hadn’t been married for three days until the big day. There is a distinction to be made between fact and fiction. He can tell the difference between a fake and a true ceremony. The Archbishop of Canterbury did, too.”

Campbell then spoke about what she thinks would happen if Harry ever decides to make a formal comeback.

“The Crown treats circumstances, no matter how unpleasant,” she said. “We’ll wait until the situation settles down. For the time being, the situation is governed by honesty and courtesy. She has two children and chose America and a communal property state. He’s in her grasp. He’ll have a hard time getting out. He’s been snared.

“On his return, London will be courteous. Be courteously received,” Campbell added. “I was treated with deference. The Establishment, on the other hand, would regard him as an outcast.”

Campbell is far from the first person to speak out against Meghan. Last summer, she compared her to Lady Macbeth, the villain in William Shakespeare’s iconic play.

In August, Campbell told The Sun, “Meghan’s influence is quite reminiscent of Lady Macbeth.” “It’s so sad because I remember Harry from my childhood, and he was wonderful with my children. To gain a foothold over Harry, she seems to have exploited his weaknesses, just as Katherine exploited William’s.

“Meghan shares many of Harry’s flaws. She said, “He is hyper-emotional, over-the-top, rushes where wise people don’t, and is incredibly self-important.” “In the Royal Family, the way she has behaved is utterly inappropriate. Diana, too, knew how to be a princess and when to stick to the rules. Meghan seems to be excellent at talking the talk but not walking the walk, in my opinion. She is directing Harry’s actions.


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