After Finally Admitting His ‘Betrayal’ in The 2020 Election, Trump Lashes Out at Former Attorney General Barr

In an interview with The Atlantic on Sunday, Attorney General William Barr finally stated his position on Donald Trump. Barr is laying to rest any concerns about why he never prosecuted anyone who spied on Trump’s campaign and why he did nothing to investigate Trump’s charges of voter fraud in 2020.


“In a series of conversations with me this spring, Barr discussed the events surrounding his break with Trump for the first time,” Jonathan Karl wrote. “I also spoke with several top officials in the Trump White House and Justice Department, who gave me more information about Barr’s conduct and the former president’s angry response.

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Barr and his friends had a purpose to share their version of the story. He’s widely seen as a Trump stooge who tainted the Justice Department. But, after the election, when the big time arrived, he defied the president, who expected him to do his bidding.”

“Barr’s betrayal occurred on December 1 during lunch in the attorney general’s private dining room with Michael Balsamo, an Associated Press Justice Department beat reporter,” the story said. “Will Levi, the DOJ chief of staff, and Kerri Kupec, the DOJ spokesperson, were also present.

The reason for the invitation was not disclosed to Balsamo. Barr stammered when he dropped the bombshell between salad bites, and Balsamo wasn’t sure he understood what the attorney general had said.”


“Just to be clear,” Balsamo inquired, “aren’t you saying—”

“Sir,” Kupec said, “I believe you should repeat what you just said.”


“To yet, we have not seen widespread fraud that may have influenced the election outcome,” Barr added.

“If there was proof of fraud, I had no motivation to suppress it,” Barr continued. But my assumption was that there was nothing there all along. It was all a load of nonsense.”

Donald Trump issued a statement in response to Barr on Sunday night.

Trump stated, “Bill Barr was a disappointment in every sense of the word.” “Aside from that, Barr, as Attorney General (lawyer), shouldn’t be discussing the President.”

The former president then slammed his attorney general, who got nothing done throughout his presidency, according to all evidence.

“Instead of doing his job, he did the exact opposite and instructed Justice Department officials not to investigate the election,” Trump added. “They don’t want to explore the true facts, just like he didn’t want to investigate the Mueller report and… RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA. Bill Barr’s flaws aided in the cover-up of the Century’s Greatest Crime, the Rigged 2020 Presidential Election!”

“Now it has been revealed that Mitch McConnell, another beauty, was pressuring Barr to lie about the election because he was concerned about the Republicans’ chances in the Georgia runoff,” he continued. “What did the Senate Republicans the most harm was allowing their races to be rigged and stolen, and worse, the American people losing faith in their vote because weak RINOs like Bill Barr and Mitch McConnell did nothing.”


Despite the fact that many swing states, including Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, had razor-thin elections, the charges of voting fraud were summarily dismissed in court, primarily due to a lack of standing, in a piecemeal approach.

Despite the fact that there were no serious examples of voting fraud, disturbing information was presented in places like Fulton County, Georgia. There are currently 500 cases of election fraud pending trial in other places where attorney generals are more aggressive about preventing election fraud, such as Texas.

Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro spoke on Maria Bartiromo’s show in February and revealed the inside story about William Barr: he vanished when Trump needed him the most, and even fought against Trump ahead of the impending Biden government.

“Trump’s previous Attorney General also happens to be Joe Biden’s first Attorney General.

“Because this is what was going on. After election day, we had over 30 executive orders ready to go. However, we kept hitting barriers after barricades and hurdles. All of these Biden EOs were being fast-tracked by Bill Barr’s office of legal counsel.”

“And it was essentially a Deep State queue,” he remarked. “Now, Maria, this has ramifications. I’ll tell you about one that managed to elude us. And I’ll tell you about one that Vice President Biden did. Biden’s initial attempt was a heinous crime. We issued a lovely executive order… prohibiting the Communist Chinese from exporting bulk power equipment into our power grid.”

“So, we had this lovely order,” he said.

“One of the directives that Bill Barr assisted Joe Biden with was to unwind that.”

“Wow,” remarked Bartiromo.

It should come as no surprise that William Barr was working behind the scenes to impede Trump’s goals. The only thing that surprises me is how long it took Barr to confess it.

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