After E-mails Revealed What He Did To Help His Brother – Chris Cuomo Called Out To Be Fired From CNN!

The rope that holds Chris Cuomo and CNN is so tight, you can barely see few strings left, and even those are loose…

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a real addict when it comes to forbidden sexual fruits… And though he may have gotten away with murder, this ain’t disappearing that easy.

The NYC AG Letitia James stated that her team’s investigation uncovered sexual harassment abuses by Cuomo that violated both state and federal law.

Watch her statement:

And even the highest of the GOP is asking for Cuomo’s arrest.

However, the Dems have no morals and shame – if we shall hope on his apologies and stepping out – we’re 100% wrong!

Andrew released a pre-recorded statement – that some are calling “insane” – where he “victim-shamed,” and claimed all the allegations against him were false. He says that women simply mistook his “Italian culture” for sexual advances.

But things are getting even worse for the Cuomo family, than for himself…

“A newly leaked email has come out that appears to show that CNN’s Chris Cuomo – the bother of Andrew – helped write one of the very first statements his brother released back on February 28th.”

And it is only a normal reaction that people would call for him to be fired!

Chris Cuomo hasn’t yet responded to any of this personally.


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