After Claiming No Vaccine Existed Under Trump, Biden Faults Him for Not Buying Enough, Having No Plan

Joe Biden’s anxiety is vivid because he wants Americans to think that his administration will get the lion’s share from the coronavirus vaccine’s credit. 

On Tuesday, during the CNN town hall, the President of the U.S. was so confused that he said there were no vaccines when he took office. 

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His statement: 

“The biggest thing, though, is that you remember … when you and I talked last, we talked about, it’s one thing to have the vaccine — which we didn’t have when we came into office — but a vaccinator.”


More than 1.4 million Americans took vaccines daily when Biden took office. The New York Times confirmed this.

Long story short, many people put shots in their arms. 

Biden didn’t stop in his vein, and he wants to take the credit for the vaccination process on Friday, following the touring of a Pfizer production plant located in Michigan. 


As Biden declared, America didn’t plan to vaccinate the majority of the citizens.


“My predecessor, as my mother would say, ‘God love him,’ failed to order enough vaccines, failed to mobilize the effort to administer the shots, failed to set up vaccine centers. That changed the moment we took office,” 

Trump’s administration brought the first 100 million doses from the Pfizer vaccine way before it was proven effective. 

After this, Trump’s team in December bought 100 million doses more.

After the vaccines of Pfizer, Donald Trump repeated the same action but with the Moderna vaccine. The total number of vaccines that Trump and his administration brought to America was 400 million. 

If we count medically, he provided vaccines for 200 million people, contributing enormously to the fight against the invisible enemy. 

If Trump were still the President, there would be no doubt that he would purchase as much as necessary. 

Also, he mobilized the private sector to create a vaccine as soon as possible and then distribute it. 

Biden administration is anxious. They realize that the Covid-19 numbers are lowering and immunity is present, resulting in losing their credit. 

The best thing Biden and his administration can do at the moment is to declare that they didn’t mess things up.

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