After Biden Finished His Speech, He Tried to Shake Hands With “Thin Air”

After the ‘shadow shake’, he wandered around the room, looking confused as if he doesn’t even know who and where he is.

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How much longer are the media, Dems, and many Republicans going to pretend that this s0-called “president” isn’t in deep, deep, and very dangerous cognitive decline?

Because we’re really getting into some very muddy waters here.

Joe is getting worse by the day, maybe by the hour… and today was an especially bad “Dementia” day for Joe.

What happened?

In short – after his speech, Joe turned and went to shake hands with “thin air.”

There was nobody on stage for him to shake hands with… and the amount of time it took him to realize it, is rather disturbing.

you can watch it for yourself:

This is not a pleasant sight for the eyes. Especially coming from the President of The United States!

I would feel sorry if that was my grandpa – but now I feel confused, ashamed, and all in all – jaw-dropped.

And here’s what people are saying:

“My GOD!! Where are his wranglers? This is the guy we want out front of the public. Instills tremendous confidence”

“81 million votes guys!”

“Now, he’s shaking hands with ghosts! Mom, make him stop!”

“Does anyone actually believe this guy is running things?”

“OMG. Just when you think he can’t get any worse…”

“lol and Dems are busy writing hit pieces on Dianne Feinstein for being too old and incompetent. Meanwhile…”

“Don’t blame me, I voted for the guy who wasn’t in obvious cognitive decline”

“I’ve never been more embarrassed for our country.”

“This clown belongs in the rest home.”

“Has everyone else seen this? WOW. Our nation is in real danger”

“The Democrats’ blue donkey has turned into the white jackass”

“How long until the media stops covering up for the fact that our president is in clear cognitive decline?”

“This is not good no matter where you sit politically.”


“Unfortunately for Joe “the wheels on the bus” do not “go round and round.” How much longer before they 25th “the big guy.””

“I can’t believe this is happening to America”
What do you think?

How long is late?

Because his ‘way of ruling’ is definitely going to have effective and long consequences on our country’s future.

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