After All, it Appears That CO2 May Not Be the Cause of Global Warming

Liberals all over the world are going to have a nervous breakdown after viewing this…..

The United Nations has been cherry-picking what it wants to impose on people as climate ‘science,’ according to a recent research. This isn’t surprising to us, but the actual cause of climate change is something quite different.

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Who’s to blame? Our main character.

The sun could be to blame for rising global temperatures and sea levels.

What irritates me the most is how clear this new theory is.

It shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that changes to a planet’s star will result in changes to the planet’s temperature, climate, and atmosphere.

This isn’t a difficult task. Now, I’m not claiming that this is the case.

Solar-caused climate change is a very reasonable issue to investigate, especially before we start imposing crippling rules on business and industry to battle a C02 problem that may or may not exist.

Take a look:

The Epoch Times examined the research:

“It’s no surprise that the draft SPM report has sold everyone yet another blatant lie: that CO2 is to blame for all global warming, while they continue to hide the fact that our new and comprehensive research paper concludes that all of these conclusions are not only premature, but also factually misleading and confusing,” he said.

Soon continued, “Our scientific assessment demonstrates that variations in the Sun’s irradiance are a plausible and important element that can explain most of the reported changes in thermometer data.” “So, why is the IPCC still playing this infantile hide-and-seek game, assuming that we can all figure it out?”

One scientist who changed his views about climate change was featured in a recent item on US News:

Because greenhouse gases produced mostly by fossil fuels are assumed to be warming the earth, much of the global warming discussion has centered on lowering CO2 emissions.

But Steward, who formerly believed CO2 was to blame for global warming, is fighting back with a slew of research and scientific evidence that shows CO2 isn’t to blame. Furthermore, he claims that CO2 levels are so low that more, rather than less, is required to maintain and expand plant growth.

He cites data that show CO2 levels following temperature changes in an attempt to disprove notions that increasing CO2 levels induce warming.

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