African- Americans and Hispanics Don’t Understand How To Use The Net Claims Joe Biden

The current president of the U.S, Joe Biden as his other answers to the COVID-19 pandemic, so as the vaccine rollout, turned into a political discussion. Most of the time he spent discussing who has the priority based on the proven health risks to receive the vaccine first.

Regarding his comments on this problem, President Biden exaggerated for his liberal allies.

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He said that most of the Hispanic and Afro-American population, especially those in the rural zones, don’t know how to book their vaccine appointment.

Also, some people in inner-city districts struggle with this type of vaccine booking. Biden stated in a CNN town hall on Tuesday, at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee.

Many people were offended by this statement because he clearly stated that people in rural areas don’t know how to use the internet!

Mark Dice is a media analyst, and wrote ‘’Hollywood Propaganda’’, and he understood Biden’s commentary as an offense to the minority groups.

He shared his opinion on Twitter and said Biden declared that black people and Hispanic don’t know how to use the net because they cannot get a vaccine booked online.

The Daily Mail shared in December:

‘’As a result, half of the nation’s states have outlined plans that now prioritize black, Hispanic and indigenous residents over white people in some way, as the vaccine rollout begins’’.

The racist nature of the vaccine plan ignores the science and will provoke more deaths. This is a statement by Ben Shapiro, Daily Wire editor.

In December, in a syndicated column he stated that it’s obvious racism, and will result in more black people’s deaths.

According to a survey made by a doctor at the New York University ‘Grossman School of Medicine’, infected people will die at the exact same rate, no matter the race.

We can conclude that if authorities decide to provide vaccines based on race, rather than age, the most vulnerable black and Hispanic people will probably die. The young, strong black and Hispanic personas will get a vaccine even though they are 10 times more resistant to the disease.

This implies that the will to remain awake blinds the public health officials, their image is their obsession, rather than saving people’s lives.

In his attempt to defend his decision where he suggests giving vaccines to the minorities first, rather than the elderly people, Biden justified himself by saying that minorities can’t do a simple task on the internet.

This statement, not only that is offensive but is also false. Pew Research Center claimed that Hispanics and African-Americans have devices like smartphones. The phones are similar to the ones of white people, with which they can book their vaccine.

Additionally, many elderly white people don’t have access to the internet. it would have been better if Biden only said that there are numerous people in our community that are unable to register for the vaccines. This statement would have been less racist.

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