Adam Schiff On The VIEWS And Is Exposed For Spreading Misinformation About The Russian Collusion!

Some people want to get millions of dollars in the lottery or get some easy money. Confronting Adam Schiff on live TV about the Russia Hoax is something that many other people dream of.

This Tuesday, the former state department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus live out that dream.

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Fox News covered this story:

Ortagus confronted Schiff directly on Tuesday over his role in promoting the discredited anti-Trump Steele dossier when she appeared as a guest co-host on “The View.”

Ortagus accused Schiff, who was on the show to promote a new book, of potentially helping to spread Russian disinformation through his promotion of the dossier and suggested his credibility had been diminished because of his actions.

You defended, promoted and even read into the congressional record the Steele dossier. We know last week the main source of the dossier was indicted by the FBI for lying about most of the key claims in that dossier. Do you have any reflections on your role in promoting this to the American people?” Ortagus asked Schiff.

Schiff avoided directly answering the question, and instead called on “whoever lied” to former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele or the FBI to be prosecuted.

Ortagus then bluntly told Schiff his credibility has been diminished.

Roughly 24 hours later, Ortagus joined “America Reports” to discuss the viral on-air confrontation.

“I will say that in the moment, I’ll confess, my hands were shaking a little because I knew it was just incredibly important in that moment to be able to hold him accountable, not for the Republican Party but for everybody who wants to seek truth and justice,” Ortagus said, adding that Schiff was so “obsessed” with stopping former-President Trump that he took shortcuts and politicized the intelligence community.

Adam Schiff promotes his new book, and it seems that everyone is releasing a book these days. I think to get involved in this business.

Why did Adam appear on every TV and insist that he had seen Trump collusion with Russia documents? He has never shared that proof.

Why he though some calls would be an impeachable offense?

What is his opinion on the Standard Hotel and why Trump calls him Liddle Adam?

I guess it is because of his company. We know about the existence of the foundation Liddle Kidz Foundation.
Trump uses the word Liddle, and that questions why Trump would use that word.

We aren’t making a suggestion; we only present the evidence.

Watch the video below:

Adam is quite a philanthropist.

You probably know that he has been on a relief mission to Haiti, the country that Clinton Foundation has spent an enormous sum of money in.

Take a look at the images below. Adam is linked to Dems mega donor Ed Buck.

He is involved in something, he is a man on a mission!

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