Adam Schiff Connected With Afghanistan Debacle?!

Jim Jordan just connected the dots of the political thoughts, and unravels his thinking, setting a warning for Adam Schiff because of his involvement in the Afghanistan mess.

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Despite Biden being the main culprit for the Afghanistan debacle, he wasn’t alone. There are many close to him, that were directly involved, and didn’t do anything to prevent it. Or even worse, shut their eyes and acted like it was “all good.”

According to the Western Journal,

“Jim said when it comes to Adam Schiff: “But if we were going to have hearings, it is obvious who should come. I mean, the same people who made all these decisions that led to this debacle in Afghanistan are the same ones who were burning foreign policy, Stuart, back in the Obama, Biden administration that gave us the Libya, Benghazi situation. So it’s Blinken, it’s Burns, it’s Sherman, it’s Sullivan, it’s Rice, those people need to come,” he said, listing many top Biden administration officials, many of whom also played lead roles in the Obama administration.

“And frankly, I think we need to bring Adam Schiff in too. What was the Intel Committee, what kind of information did he get prior to this, this, this ordeal that we watched unfold over the last several weeks? So those are the kind of people who should be brought in, but I doubt if the Democrats will do it,” he said.

In 2017, Schiff criticized former President Donald Trump’s efforts to beef up the military aspect of America’s involvement in Afghanistan.

“Ultimately, peace and stability in Afghanistan will necessitate a bold diplomatic solution, which will require clear-eyed direct negotiations with the Taliban to bring an end to the conflict that has taken so many lives,” Schiff said at the time.

Schiff became chair of the House Intelligence Committee when the Democrats took control of the House in 2019.

Basically, Schiff used his position and all his time to focus on the debunked Russia hoax instead of focusing on the nightmare conditions that led to the debacle in Afghanistan.

Kevin McArthy also hit Schiff, saying, “We should have been having hearings on what’s going on over there. We should have been able to gather that they would collapse this fast. But Adam Schiff was too focused on impeachment than doing the job he was supposed to do.”

The people have lost faith in the entire system, not only the GOP. And it’s the GOP’s fault… Are they going to be finally held responsible for their invasive and thoughtless actions to the Americans and our great country?

We’ll see… But, what do you think?


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