Actress Rose McGowan Is Next On The Dem’s Operatives Radar, After Seth Rich!

Do you remember when actress Rose McGowan cheered on behalf of the Dems party? Well, those days are over… And the Dems apparently don;t like losing influential and famous people…

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Actress Rose McGowan spoke about the strange things that started happening lately, after she left the Democrats Party.

Harassment, stalking, and most recently – a broken door in her house!

According to the original report published by Fox News,

“Rose McGowan sat down with Tucker to discuss the fallout from her turning on Democrats. During jer uring the second half of the wide-ranging conversation, McGowan told Carlson that she believes Weinstein tried to silence her using illegal intimidation tactics ahead of the release of her memoir “Brave,” where she expressed plans to name her rapist.

“They were flying drones around my window every day – this is three years before the Weinstein news broke,” McGowan recalled. “I was trailed, almost driven off the road. They stole my headlights out of my car. They placed trackers in my car. I thought I was manifesting everything in my life, turns out my whole house was bugged,” she said.

McGowan eventually filed a lawsuit alleging that Weinstein and his co-conspirators used spies posing as women’s rights advocates and journalists to obtain a copy of her memoir, illegally recorded her conversations, and smeared her to those in the entertainment industry who were working on projects with her.

“Any time I made a public appearance, I knew people were shadowing me,” she told Carlson. “My then-boyfriend at the time was like ‘I can’t take it. I’m being followed, my car’s broken into.’ And this is three years before the news was breaking but they knew I was writing a book.”

Remember Seth Rich, who was murdered in an unsolved robbery? He was reporting the exact same bizarre events before his tragic murder…

Scary stuff, right?


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